Centro CNC Cancun


Maquina de soldar laser

Laser welding machine

The LightWELD system is characterized by its speed and the ability to produce consistent and high-quality results across a wide range of materials. The laser cleaning function before and after welding contributes to optimizing the quality of the welded joints and increasing productivity. Furthermore, it provides a brighter beam for welding a variety of materials and thicknesses, including those with reflective properties, with a maximum thickness of up to 0.250 inches (6.36 mm).

Cortadora CNC laser

CNC Laser cutter

The high-end fiber optic laser CNC cutting table is capable of handling resonators with up to 8,000 watts for the most demanding tasks. It comes equipped with a vertical control station that allows for visualizing, editing, and managing designs, ensuring speed and precision in the cuts. It utilizes the widely recognized industry-standard software, CYPCUT. Gas regulation plays a fundamental role in the quality of fiber optic laser cutting, and the table incorporates a state-of-the-art pneumatic valve to efficiently manage this aspect.

Roscadora automatica para tubos

Automatic pipe threading machine

This machine is perfect for threading pipes with diameters greater than 2”, and with the head attachment, it can reach up to 6”. Furthermore, it is capable of beveling pipes with a diameter of up to 4”. This versatile tool can work with a wide range of materials. It features a constant lubrication system applied directly through the head. It operates quietly and with minimal energy consumption, making it a safe and efficient choice.

Rotuladora con fibra optica

Optic fiber label engraving machine

Discover the power of our fiber optic label engraving machine, driven by a 20W generator and supported by a tubular steel structure ensuring durability. The integrated software allows easy import of design files.

It adapts to a wide range of applications, including jewelry.

Boost your projects with precision and efficiency, making the most of its multifunctional capability.

Sierra escuadradora

Table saw

Explore the excellence of our Panel Saw, ideal for cutting boards of any medium-density material. It provides a stable and precise working environment, allowing versatile cuts from 45° to 90° thanks to the tilting system of the main saw.

The smooth motion and fine adjustment system add extra precision. Furthermore, the dual roller carriage system ensures absolute accuracy and facilitates the material’s movement with ease.

PCNC 1100 Fresadora

PCNC 1100 Mill

The perfect combination of performance and efficiency: this machine makes precision cuts of the strongest materials, such as steel and titanium, as well as the simplest ones.

PCNC 770 Fresadora

PCNC 770 Mill

This machine is ideal for precise and meticulous cutting of the most common materials and alloys, such as aluminum, light metals and plastic.

15L Slant-Pro Torno

15L Slant-Pro Lathe

Making any round or cylindrical piece, as well as various spherical geometries is so easy with this machine which is also used to make threads or ropes of screws, both internal and external.

PL-1860E Torno para metal

PL-1860E Metal lathe

This lathe has an 18’’ swing and 60” bed, works with three phase 220V, and features 12 spindle speeds. The bed is cross-ribbed for added strength and stability. Ideal for shaft rectification or manufacturing of nuts, threads, inner and outer cones, among other pieces.

Maquina cortadora de plasma

Plasma cutting machine

Featuring a welded steel frame and a 4’x4’ workspace, this CNC plasma cutter is designed to handle large metal sheets, or other flat materials, with great precision.



The router is ideal for both simple and complex cuts in wood, aluminum, acrylic and plastic. It guarantees precision during industrial production cycles, and saves time.

Prensa hidraulica CNC

CNC Hydraulic Press

This bending machine is made from a fully welded steel plate frame which minimizes deflection and offers maximum rigidity, as it delivers 33 tons of pressure across its table when used on any type of material.

GoSCAN 20 3D Scanner

GoSCAN 20 3D Scanner

This machine offers the easiest portable 3D scanning experience, providing fast and reliable mensurations for scanning small parts with intricate details. This handheld scanner can even capture 3D data in full color.

Mesa de Plasma 1300PL

1300PL Plasma table

The Tormach plasma table easily accommodates 4 x 4-ft. sheets of metal. The water table is mounted on sliding rails and has serviceable cable harnesses with connectors. It includes the torch, which features Digital Torch Height Control and a magnetic breakaway safety feature with collision detection.

AF50 Sierra de Banda Automática

AF50 Autofeed bandsaw

This bandsaw combines a pneumatic clamping system and hydraulic feed control to provide consistent and repeatable cuts. It cuts lengths from 0.157” – 50” (4mm – 1270mm) and the pneumatic clamping system features an adjustable soft-squeeze, which reliably holds material from thin-walled tubing to 7-inch round steel bars.