Centro CNC Cancun Producciones precisas en aluminio y aleaciones

CNC Mill & CNC Lathe

Precision, Efficiency and Customized Design

Welcome to Centro CNC Cancun

Centro CNC Cancún is the solution to your aluminum and alloy cutting needs.

We can help you process anything from an individual part to a whole series, aided by precise computer technology. Whether you have a design or need one-custom made for you, we can manufacture anything from a screw to an engine.

Solutions in every sense

Service at Centro CNC Cancun goes in three main directions:


You sense what you nedd

We offer our industrial design services to help you reach the specific solution to your needs.


You know what you need

If you have the solution (prototype, samples, CAD), we can materialize that vision.


You know how many you need

Once your need is clear, we start production. Ranging from one unit to thousands.


Last generation CNC

Our equipment includes a computerized system that guarantees precision in each design and every cut. The lathe and milling machines’ state-of-the-art technology, can safely solve your manufacturing process needs in a quick and accurate manner; whether its aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, acrylic, wood, plastics or other alloys.

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