Centro CNC Cancún

Services catalogue


We offer CAD design services. Our starting point is your idea and concept. We develop a design that fits your needs, regardles of its complexity.


We develop a prototype based on your design and submit it for review and approval. The next step is production. We can make one part or thousands.

Reverse engineering

We digitize or recreate the design of an existing part using the CAD system and send it to production.

3D Scanner

Our portable CREAFORM 3D Scanner is greatly versatile and can be used in many applications; making it a suitable tool for the entire product development and reverse engineering processes.

This an optimum piece of equipment to digitize small objects with tiny details. Most objects are the scanned in five minutesor less, which allows for the collection of a large volume 3D data for faster scanning. As soon as the data collection step is complete, the files are ready to use (geometry and color) and any usable scanned files can be imported into 3D, CAD and reverse engineering software, no further processing needed.