Centro CNC Cancun

Project gallery

The following are some examples of projects manufactured in our workshop.

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Production of high precision workpieces

Seawater pump shaft

Nylamid mount for flappers

Stainless steel branding iron

Carbon steel blind manhole flange cover for tank

Aluminium pole clamp

Carbon steel flat plate for turnbuckle tension clamp

Stainless steel camera mount

Carbon steel solid triangle plates

Stainless steel arm for printing machine

Molds for fishing leads

Sail boat rudder mount

Ball valve adapter for electric actuator

Stainless steel flat washer

Mask mold

Adjustable camera mounts

Lead molds

Boat seat pedestal and screw

Stainless steel cuts

Stainless steel spigot connectors

Wooden bottons

Stainless steel stopper

Drilled aluminium plate

Aluminium dowel pins

Stainless steel wing nuts

Aluminium 6point slogging spanner

Plate blending with hydraulic press

Stainless steel flange

Stainless steel flat ring

Stainless steel cut with plasma cutting machine

Nylamid threaded cap

Stainless steel pin with bronze bushing

Stainless steel platform mounting bracket

Stainless steel latch for boat door

Stainless steel bushing

Stainless steel thread cut

Stainless steel mount

Aluminium intake manifold spacer

Carbon cut steel

Nylamid center cut

Carbon cut steel bearing cap

Stainless steel tension brackets for bench legs

Aluminium cut bench legs

Nylamid threaded coupling

Railing base plates

4140 Steel bar with ACME-type nut

Molding cut

Stainless steel letters

Stainless steel valves

Ship ramp level landing

Ship propeller shaft

Stainless steel pin

Bronze connector for generator

Stainless steel bimini strike plates

Door strike plates

Stainless steel camera mount

Trovicel camera mounting plates

Roller for roll bending machine

Table height adjuster

Aluminium discs

Bronze wear rings

Railing base

Saltwater pump shaft

Marine sensor base

Aluminium angle bracket for showcase

Butterfly valve for seawater inlet

Stainless steel cabinet button

Aluminium pool plug

Stainless steel lock for control throttle

Stainless steel and aluminium bottons

Aluminium and Stainless steel screed

Bronze spike connector for 2" hose

Bronze connector for gas pipes

Aluminium railing caps

Steel marine engine mounts

Stainless steel surveillance camera mounts

Aluminium bolster clips for boat seats

Special threaded steel plugs

Steel stud bolts for marine engine brackets

Steel coupling for hydraulic pump

Heavy-duty aluminium ans stainless steel door latches for boats

Aluminium hinges for boat doors

Door closer for ships

Central boat canopy coupler

Weldable pipe coupling

Stainless steel gears

Nylon lever for an electrial switch

Stainless steel flat bolt

Threaded end steel rod for chandelier